Still Life Studies

In Spring of 2012, I was in LA with Jimmy Ly and Wouter Gort studying concept art at Concept Design Academy. We rented a house in Pasadena from a couple while they were away travelling. It was dusty, squeaky, and slightly cold. But during the day the light would slowly meander in and make the space glow. It was a beautiful and inspiring home. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have lived there.

One of the courses I took at CDA was Intro To Digital Painting taught by Jason Scheier. At the time I hadn't painted in Photoshop that much and I was still trying to translate my experience in oil painting to digital by emulating traditional techniques. I started studying oils during art school and I still love the medium, but I never really had the patience for proper glazing technique. I think oils will always feel better to use, but photoshop is lightning fast and it can be really fun to play with.