The Great Mushroom Port

Portobella is a world I was developing in 2012, inspired by a recent trip to Asia. I think some of the most compelling designs come from familiar worlds with a slight twist, and touch of magic. 

The residents of Portobella live in symbiosis with the giant portobello mushrooms and exotic flora that grow all around the city. They have a rich culture and economy based on their mushrooms, some highly prized for their value as medicinal ingredients, foodstuff, and aphrodisiacs.

Mushroom King, a popular street food cart in Portobella


SumoBoy is a story driven adventure game by Taprr produced in 2014. I joined early on and helped to develop its universe, frameworks, and the tone. What drew me to work on SumoBoy is the beautiful theme of anti-bullying underscoring the heart of the game. 

Oji is just another fat kid who has been running from bullies all his life. Until one day, he accidentally runs into the decaying world of Seishin. To save Seishin from being consumed by darkness, Oji must find his inner strength, and fulfill his destiny as Sumo Boy.


Science fantasy CG short I did with some friends in 2013. After some initial development, we decided to shelve it. I always wanted to try and make science fiction with fantasy, but it’s damn hard!

Chaos and ruin was the inevitable outcome of the mage's arm race. The Templars, a mysterious order or elite mages managed to finally restore peace by sealing away magic. However, one man's ambition could unleash chaos all over again.